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Primary Prevention

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Preventing Sexual Violence in Texas: A Primary Prevention Approach and Executive Summary (PDF)

Strategy Selection Workbook (PDF)

Tools for Change: An Introduction to the Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence (PDF)

Focus Group and Interview Guide (PDF)

Engaging Communities in Sexual Violence Prevention (PDF)

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Uproot - Spring 2009 Issue

Training and Technical Assistance
Workshop and Technical Assistance Description
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For many years now, rape crisis centers across Texas and the US have provided invaluable services to survivors of sexual violence while also educating their communities about the prevalence and nature of sexual violence. We have come so far in these areas. Unfortunately, the need for services continues to exceed the capacity of most of our state’s crisis centers. In order to address the astonishing rates of sexual violence, we are now increasing our focus on the primary prevention of sexual violence. Simply put, we’re trying to engage communities to stop sexual violence before it occurs and to build safe, healthy communities. Sexual violence prevention requires comprehensive, community-based initiatives that address the various systemic issues, attitudes, behaviors and norms that perpetuate sexual violence.

The resources available on this website are meant to provide tools, information, and guidance to rape crisis centers and other organizations and individuals who are interested in building communities that are free from sexual violence. TAASA is helping crisis centers and other Texas agencies to build their capacity to engage in efforts to prevent sexual violence through trainings, technical assistance, and this website. For more information, please contact the Primary Prevention Team.

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